Sample Letter


Honorable Judge Roby

250 NW Country Club Dr.
St. Lucie West Annex
Port Saint Lucie, Fl 34986

re:  Justin Patera  #04-CF-4084 A


Honorable Judge Roby,


I am concerned that there has been an injustice.  I would like you to hear the above mentioned case at your earliest possible convenience.  There are many innocent people being exonerated every day.  Justin Patera, his family and his new counsel should be given an opportunity to present this evidence and if this evidence proves that the plaintiff lied then I would like Justin exonerated.  I would like Justice for Justin.  Thank you.







2 Responses to Sample Letter

  1. Kate Hartigan says:

    The attorney that frightened Justin to plea bargain without doing his job should be disbarred!

  2. Brenda says:

    They should make it mandatory for all lawyers to spend a few weeks in jail and prison before beginning to practice law, and maybe then they will not be so quick to convince people that taking a plea and being incarcerated is “a walk in the park”.

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